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  • 1st attempt within 3 days
  • 3 quality attempts at address
  • $55 - $95 Modified Flat Rate

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Delivering PEACE OF MIND Since 1996

Finding a Tucson Process Server you can trust is hard to do. First Class Attorney Services are determined to whatever it takes to get your papers served. FCAS process service is the best in Tucson, We have built a loyal clientele by taking pride in serving every paper fast, efficiently and effectively.

Our Tucson Process servers are all Officers of the Court of Pima County

This means that they are verified and certified through the Superior Court of Pima County. We participate in continuing education programs, So we are always on the cutting edge of the industry. We bring that knowledge and experience to every paper we serve. Unlike the big box multistate companies we bring a personal touch to every serve we make.

All the Qualities You Need in Tucson Process Servers
Also providing service to every county in Arizona. We are your one stop shop for process service in Arizona.


Your papers are processed and attempted within 3 business days of their arrival. Need even faster, we have rush priority service available.

You Deserve an
EFFICIENT Tucson Process Server

We thoroughly examine and describe every attempted serve. We evaluate the status of the property, talk to neighbors, and gather as much information as possible to get the serve done right to save you time and money. We provide premium skip tracing services to locate those that are hard to find.

You Deserve an
EFFECTIVE Tucson Process Server

We attempt to serve papers when people are home, not when it is convenient. Evenings and weekends 24/7 service. We are an industry leader in completing service of process. Nonserves is not in our vocabulary

$55-95 Modified Flat Rate

Modified Flat Rate
No Hidden Fees

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In a rush and need it done ASAP? Our Fast service can go even faster. If you need it done same day or next day First Class Attorney Services is on the case. Rush Service of Process in Tucson is our specialty.


It might be hard to believe, but not all subjects want to be served. Some are transient and some are actively avoiding. This is where First Class Attorney Services can use our technology and technique to help locate hard to find people


You have a subject who is trying to avoid. Don’t worry we got that covered too. We can wait on subjects to move locations.


Service of process can never be guaranteed. But what can be guaranteed is that First Class Attorney Services will do whatever is humanly possible and use our advanced tools, to complete the serve for you.


Nonserves are unsuccessful serves. We are an industry leader in the completion of serves. We do NOT want your papers to go un-served. Many large multi-state process serving companies merely do drive bys. Driving by and seeing if cars are there and if someone looks to be home they might attempt or not. See, those process servers get paid whether the serve is completed or not. We don’t have that luxury, we are determined to execute service. We go the extra mile to make sure every attempt we make is thorough.

Electronic Services

Email your documents now and let us get started. We provide no printing fee for documents under 20 pages.

Locations Our Tucson Process Servers have Access to:

process serving for Tucson and southern Arizona

We have access and contacts to all hard to reach locations in Southern AZ:

State and Federal Prisons
County Jails
Tribal Land
Military Bases
State Government Agencies

Who We Serve For:

Attorneys/Paralegals/Legal Office Managers

Marriage and Family - Process Serving with Respect

Divorce, Paternity, Custody and other family law legal matters can be a highly emotional event. We understand that. Our Tucson process servers are trained to serve these matters with dignity, respect and care. We don’t want to embarrass someone at work, so we are discrete when serving. We can arrange and coordinate child drop-off events so that the person does not receive the paperwork in front of their children. We also prefer to serve when the other party is dropping off so they have time to emotionally process the paperwork and don’t take their anger/disappointment/sadness out on the child or children.

Probate/Elder Law - Process Serving with Dignity

We so much enjoy serving Guardianships and Conservatorships. To be apart of the process of helping those who can’t take care of themselves is very rewarding. Often time the elders that we served don’t always understand what they are receiving. We take the time to explain the documents and answer any questions pertaining to our duty. We take extra time and care. We have even sat and watched a State of the Union, celebrated birthdays, played piano and had long meaningful conversations with those we have served. We consider it a privilege to be a small part of this process. Young adults with disabilities are a joy as well. We have worked with the Easter Seals Blake Foundation to provide at cost services. We enjoy meeting families and learning about their journey.

Personal Injury - Thorough Process Serving:

Our personal injury lawyers and paralegals are consistently and overwhelmingly satisfied with our attention to detail. Often times police reports are incomplete and inaccurate. We spend the time and energy to work with our firms to gain the necessary knowledge to serve the papers. We try to obtain marital status, information on other defendants etc etc etc.

Collections - Custom Tailored Process Serving

Our process serving system is set up and tailored to support our collections teams. We know that often times those in collections have less roots and are more transient than any other type of subject to be served. Our system delivers thorough results by obtaining as much information as possible. We get names, dates, timelines, alias’s, car description, plate numbers, neighbors statements, when people are home or work, physical descriptions, family relationships, work locations etc etc etc. We work as an investigator at this point. And then we take that information to execute service. And if we are unable to get what we need we use our cutting edge Skip Tracing tools to pinpoint the subjects location.

Landlord/Tenant/HOA - Expedited Process Service

Time is of the essence. Our system for serving evictions is unmatched. We file an eviction same day and serve it within 24hrs. Often times we even serve it the same day. Any postings are sent certified mail within 24hrs of service and certificates of service are filed immediately. The turn around for eviction court dates is very quick. And we know what it takes to complete our process so you have time prior to the court date for your preparations. 5 and 10 day Notices are always done on time. We take pictures of every posting just in case its needed in court.

Criminal - Sensitive Process Service

Most process service in criminal matters involve subpoenas. Each subpoena is important to your process and we want every subpoena delivered in plenty of time for you to prepare.


Also known as Pro Per’s. Pro per is short for "propria persona," which is Latin for "for oneself," usually applied to a person who represents himself/herself in a lawsuit rather than have an attorney. Navigating the legal system with a lawyer can be difficult, but by yourself can be down right exhausting. Within our system, we work with you every step of the way, letting you know the steps we need to take and direction we are going to get your papers served. You are always in the ‘know’. You don’t have to worry if its getting done right, First Class Attorney Services delivers every time…on time.


Taking are of others is what you do. And taking care of you is what we do. If you need papers served, check up on a property or person, 


Taking care of property is a full time job. So when a renter isn’t living up to the expectations of the lease its extra work for you. Luckily you have First Class Attorney Services to help you through the evictions process. We can help you set up the proper paperwork, File it and serve it for you. 

What Papers We Serve:

We serve all legal documents. Here is a list just to name a few…….

  • Summons and Complaints
  • Petitions – such as Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity etc
  • Orders – such as Orders to Appear, Orders for Supplemental Proceedings etc
  • Eviction – such as Forcible Detainer Actions, etc
  • Garnishments – Such as Earning and Non-Earnings
  • Restraining Orders – such as Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Guardianship/Conservatorships
  • Notices – such as Notice of Hearings, 5 and 10 Day Notices , Trustee’s Sales etc
  • Subpoena – such as Subpoena Duces Tecum, Criminal Subpoena, etc
  • Letters – such as Demand Letters
  • Liens


Can I Be the Server?

No, you cannot deliver these papers yourself. A person involved in a court case cannot deliver legal papers for that case. You could ask a friend or relative to deliver some types of papers, and some sheriff and police departments will deliver the paperwork, but the best option is generally to use a professional process server such as First Class Attorney Services, its what we do. As a professional process server we know all the regulations and can often find people that don’t always want to be found.

Who May Serve process?

Rule 4(d). Process; By Whom Served

Service of process shall be by a sheriff, a sheriff’s deputy, a private process server registered with the clerk of the court pursuant to subpart (e) of this Rule, or any other person specially appointed by the court, except that a subpoena may be served as provided in Rule 45. Service of process may also be made by a party or that party’s attorney where expressly authorized by these Rules. A private process server or specially appointed person shall be not less than twenty-one (21) years of age and shall not be a party, an attorney, or the employee of an attorney in the action whose process is being served. Special appointments to serve process shall be requested by motion to the presiding Superior Court judge and the court’s ruling shall be recorded by minute entry. Special appointments shall be granted freely, are valid only for the cause specified in the motion, and do not constitute an appointment as a registered private process server.

What is a process server?

A process server's principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case, but they also provide a variety of other services such as filing court papers and document retrieval.

Can a Minor be served?

Service upon a minor under the age of sixteen years shall be effected by service in the manner set forth in paragraph (d) of this Rule 4.1 upon the minor and upon the minor’s father, mother or guardian, within this state, or if none is found therein, then upon any person having the care and control of such minor, or with whom the minor resides.

(f) Service of Summons Upon A Minor With Guardian or Conservator.

Service upon a minor for whom a guardian or conservator has been appointed in this state shall be effected by service in the manner set forth in paragraph (d) of this Rule 4.1 upon such guardian or conservator and minor.

What is Alternate Methods of Service?

Alternative or Substituted Service.
If service by one of the means set forth in the preceding paragraphs of this Rule 4.1 proves impracticable, then service may be accomplished in such manner, other than by publication, as the court, upon motion and without notice, may direct. Whenever the court allows an alternate or substitute form of service pursuant to this subpart, reasonable efforts shall be undertaken by the party making service to assure that actual notice of the commencement of the action is provided to the person to be served and, in any event, the summons and the pleading to be served, as well as any order of the court authorizing an alternative method of service, shall be mailed to the last known business or residence address of the person to be served. Service by publication may be employed only under the circumstances, and in accordance with the procedures, specified in Rules 4.1(n), 4.1(o), 4.2(f) and 4.2(g) of these Rules.

Can Service be made upon the State?

(h) Service of Summons Upon the State.
If a waiver has not been obtained and filed, service upon the state shall be effected by delivering a copy of the summons and of the pleading to the attorney general.

What is a Statutory Agent?

An individual or a business entity that a corporation or LLC appoints for the purpose of accepting service of process for the corporation or LLC. The agent is called a “statutory” agent because a statute requires that the corporation or LLC appoint someone for this purpose.

Can Process Servers Disguise themselves?


Questions? First Class Attorney Services in Tucson is Here to Help!