First Class service is a Tucson-based family owned company. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the industry and we want to put that to work for you. First Class was born out of years of analyzing and witnessing attorney service companies just being OK with the status quo. We wanted to provide a client-centered approach that was different and more flexible to the needs of the lawyers and paralegals we serve. We implement a business model that reflects this approach. This truly is a passion-based business.


I grew up in the red dirt, golden wheat and blue skies of Oklahoma. I would herd cattle, harvest crops, build fence and whatever chores needed to be done on our family farm. I spent many hours in the fields with my great grandpa TP. Even as a child watching him put his crippled foot into his work shoe, work tireIessly and never complain…..I learned the work ethic it takes to be successful.

My grandfather was an electrician and former Naval serviceman, USS Ranger CV-61. He drove a big corporate truck with a bucket on the back. I would go with him on his route whenever I could. He went from house to house always greeting his residential customers with a smile and expertise. He took pride in doing a great job for people. He had the respect of everyone he met. He was a Volunteer Fire Chief and an Honorary Judge.…….This is where I learned to serve with pride and honesty.

My father was an educator and our family owned a swimming pool business. When we bought the business I thought it would be fun. Well it was sort of…. but really it was a lot of hot summer days draining and removing debris from pools that had sat for years, only to end up in the bottom of a dry pool with a bucket of acid scrubbing the plaster clean. It was not the cool dips and relaxed work I had imagined. As a little kid, I held a lot of flashlights……..This is where I learned how much determination it took to make a business successful

I was also an elite track and field athlete growing up. I had won many age group national championship and set several national age group records in the pole vault. I was fortunate enough to accept a Div-1 college scholarship. I was ranked as high as #5 in the Div-1 and represented the United States in the 1994 World Junior Championships in Lisbon Portugal, where I finished 5th. That lead to a 3 year professional career that saw me travel the world, but come up just short of my ultimate goal, the Olympics. And Oh yeah pole vaulting led me to Tucson, where I met my wife, a native Tucsonan and former UofA Track and Field athlete. It was pole vaulting that taught me about how passion builds success.

As a kid my best friends dad was a lawyer. I grew up around the dinning room table listening to stories about the law. When I turned 21 my best friend told me to start serving papers, and so I did. The funny part was that he had his dad giving him papers. I was 21 years old and out of state, and had to go convince lawyers to give me an opportunity. And as it turned out a few of them did and I am forever grateful. That was the start of my career that has spanned over 24yrs now.

My wonderful wife and I have 2 great daughters and a Covid puppy named Maizie. I am often found coaching one of their youth swim, soccer or basketball teams. We love hiking Tucson and surfing San Diego. One of our daughters was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2017 and we are active in the fight to end Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes).

Hard Work, Determination, Passion and Experience….

I look forward to putting that to work for you.



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